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Process Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a terrible sign of aging but for some people this is a tragedy of life as they start losing hair at an early age. Absence of hair makes a person look much older than he or she is in reality. No one wants to be subjected to an expensive and risky surgery. Fortunately, nowadays, the market offers different sorts of products that help to improve hair growth and even to grow hair where it has disappeared already. Some of them work in a harmless and natural way, while others may be dangerous.

Let's have a look at the supplement called Follicue. It is an American product with a website which is, though, unprofessionally made. It contains no information on the product's ingredients or their possible adverse effects. Instead, the manufacturer only praises their product in all possible ways without any proof. FollR is said to be a hair growth formula that intends to stimulate the growth of new hair and decreases the process of hair loss. The manufacturer promises long lasting results but whether it is possible we are going to learn further. Hair growth may be chemically stimulated but later such hair will be quickly lost. Besides, such medications may be extremely harmful for the human health. Does FollR just make hair grow or does it nourish and tone it?

The manufacturer doesn't mention the list of ingredients used in FollR. It only claims that all of them are natural and safe. But few people know that even natural may cause some side effects and adverse reactions. I made a small research of FollR ingredients and found out that they include Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 and Stinging Nettle Extract. Let's have a look at each one of them.

Vitamin B6 is an important compound for the human health in general. It helps the body to produce more red blood cells but at the same time this substance can be harmful if taken in big dosages. It's also known as Pyridoxine and its low levels can be caused by such conditions as heart failure, liver disease, alcoholism, overactive thyroid, as well as by some medications (isoniazid, hydralazine, cycloserine, penicillamine). However, nothing is mentioned about its help in the process of hair loss. Why is it added to the supplement, I wonder? Who knows maybe it can work wonders in combination with other components.

Pyridoxine can be used to treat some nerve disorders (peripheral neuropathy), hereditary disorders (homocystinuria, cystathioninuria, xanthurenic aciduria, hyperoxaluria). This ingredient is not responsible for hair growth but it can be helpful to some extent.

Stinging Nettle Extract is nowadays used for treating urinary tract infections (UTI), kidney stones (nephrolithiasis), urinary tract inflammation, hayfever, forallergies, and osteoarthritis. This ingredient is sometimes effective if taken by mouth when suffering from internal bleeding, anemia, an enlarged spleen, poor circulation, diabetes, stomach acid, endocrine disorders, diarrhea asthma, dysentery, rash, lung congestion, cancer, "blood purification," and eczema. But at the same time stinging nettle is possibly effective for oily scalp, oily hair, muscle aches and pains, and hair loss (alopecia) when applied to the skin. Pay attention to the fact that this constituent in FollR needs to be taken my mouth which means that it can be even less effective.

The official website doesn't give any information on possible side effects of the product for the overall health. Does it mean that FollR isn't completely safe and effective? Are its ingredients contained in proper proportions? Let's try to answer this question by discussing side effects of each product's ingredient separately.

Stinging nettle is not suitable for people with diabetes as it can decrease the levels of blood sugar. Patients with low blood pressure are also in danger when using this substance as it might lower blood pressure even more. Stinging nettle can be dangerous for patients suffering from kidney problems. Taking all these precautions into account I recommend consulting your doctor before starting to use FollR.

The third main product's ingredient is Pyridoxine can also cause some side effects, especially when taken for a long period of time or in large doses. Inform your doctor immediately in case of experiencing the following effects: nausea, headache, drowsiness, tingling or numbness of limbs. You may also have some allergic reactions including: itching, rash or swelling of the tongue/face/throat), trouble breathing, severe dizziness. Remember to take Folicure only under your doctor's supervision. Avoid overdosing or using it if taking any medication. Keep the product far beyond the reach of children.

"FollR has had no discernible effect on hair and scalp. No thicker look and no new hair growth"

"Don't waste your money. FollR doesnt work. Once I started using this my hair started to fall out like crazy"

"After a few weeks of use FollR my hair became noticeably THINNER and I am certain I saw more hair fall out"

You can buy a bottle of FollR from its official website. However, it is also available on Walmart, Amazon, GNC.

To my mind, FollR won't take proper care of your health as it has a lot of drawbacks. First of all, it has a number of side effects which can be dangerous for human health. Secondly, it is not cheap at all. This product isn't available at retail stores and it is not approved by the FDA. This supplement cannot be used by people who take serious medications. I cannot recommend FollR to usage.