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Menopause Period

This review will be devoted to the herbal remedy EVive which has been developed by the company called Cellular Research Institute. The product claims to be helpful for women who experience unpleasant side effects during the menopause period. As for the producer there isn't much information about the company itself at the official website of EVive.

Is it really so powerful that it can provide you with the relief from the common symptoms of menopause, including body temperature, hot flashes, changes of mood, low libido, problems with ability to focus and concentrate and some other possible side effects in this period?

Here we are going to check if this product is true or one more scam.

Before buying such kind of products first of all you need to understand what is inside the product. Let's look at the label of EVive and find out what you are going to take.

There is a list of the following ingredients:

Licorice claims to control your hormonal balance. However, there is not enough evidence that it can be effective in this sphere.

Vitex Berry is able to help you while experiencing all unpleasant symptoms of the menopause period. It might be helpful for many issues but there is no proof that it is able to relieve any symptoms of menopause.

Dong Quai has been used for balancing women's hormone estrogen and to offer you a relief while suffering from the symptoms of menopause. But its effectiveness has been proven only in animals. According to WebMD there is no information if it can cause the same effects in people. It is possibly safe but it is not known if it is safe if you take it for a long period of time.

Black Cohosh is a flower species from the East of North America which is being used to help you in getting rid of anxiety and insomnia which are common symptoms of menopause. According to WebMD there is some information about its ability to work similar to estrogen but there is no any research that can prove which amount can be efficient for this purpose.

Red Clover is a flower extract which claims to be able to promote the estrogen production and improving your hormonal balance as well. It can't produce estrogen or promote its production, it can act similar to this hormone but it can't enhance its production or substitute it.

As you can see all ingredients are herbs but are they as effective for all mentioned symptoms as the product claims? Let's read what people think about this supplement after trying it.

After considering the ingredient's list of EVive we have found out that despite using natural ingredients some herbs can be really unsafe to use without your doctor's consultation. For example, if you take Dong Quai every day during several weeks it can cause dangerous side effects like increased blood pressure, weakness, paralysis, sometimes even brain damage in some people. If you have such health problems as heart disease or kidney disease and high blood pressure even such a small amount as 5 grams a day can be really unsafe for you.

It can cause some other negative side effects which include: headache and water retention. Such ingredient as Vitex Berry can lead to stomach upset, nausea, headaches, insomnia, and even gain of extra weight in some people. There are many negative reviews which can prove that many people have experienced some negative side effects while taking EVive. Here you have the chance to find out what the users of EVive think of this product after having the possibility to try it.

"I have bought EVive and used it for several days when I noticed some unwanted side effects like weight gain and constant headaches. I didn't manage to get rid of bad menopause symptoms because instead of them I have got new negative effects. I can't recommend this product as there is no evidence that it is completely safe to you"

"Buying EVive has turned out to be my serious mistake because I haven't had any positive results. It was just a waste of money. I still experience the same negative symptoms during my menopause period"

"EVive is a very mild herbal product which isn't as powerful as the producer claims. It isn't worth your time and money because it has a lot of cons which I found out after purchasing it. We don't know much about the company which has produced it and that's why I have decided to choose another product of the well-known trustworthy company. I advise you to do the same!"

If you still want to try EVive, then you will find it available at the official website or any other online store like Amazon, Walamrt or GNC. Its price at Amazon is about $45 for one bottle.

Let's conclude what we have found out about EVive - dietary supplement for women who experience unpleasant symptoms of the menopause period. So, as it has been already mentioned one of the most serious disadvantages is the limited information about the manufacturer. It is obvious that it is much better to choose products of well-known companies which have a high rating among users. Moreover, if we talk about the customers' opinion then there are a lot of negative reviews where its users share their dissatisfaction about the product's inability to offer the claimed results. It can cause a lot of side effects though it is really herbal. But the producer hasn't warned users about possible unsafety of these herbs and one more drawback of the supplement is the absence of exact dosages of the ingredients because it is really important due to some side effects of the mentioned ingredients which depend on the dose taken.

There are many doubts that it can be as efficient as it promises to be. You should visit your healthcare specialist before taking a decision to take EVive. There is no medical research that can prove that this supplement is really effective for all women suffering from the same symptoms and that is completely safe for both healthy people and those who have some health issues. It can't be recommended as the best possible choice. Having all this information you can look for the more effective supplement with better chances to be helpful for you.